Bark beetles in house

    Bark Beetles are small muted brown beetles with prolonged body and short legs. They have club-shape antennae. Most of the beetles have a depression at the end of their bodies. They dig up a pathway through the bark and wood fiber layer for egg laying. Bark Beetles push wood powder outside and backwards. Larvae of white color without limbs live under the bark and within the wood fiber layer. They drill complex labyrinths. Bark Beetles also live in weak and sick trees during active breeding period (beetle propagation). They can also attack strong and healthy trees. One of the most dangerous insect that damage forests and wooden constructions.

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Ipiniis is quite common for our region. It has six teeth at the edges of elytrum on each side; the 4th tooth is the widest one with the head atop. Usually it causes major infestation of pine wood and cedar.

Bark beetle is usually of tiny size – 0.9 - 9 mm for middle latitude species. Southern species can be of up to 1.5 cm in length.

Flying season of the beetle depends on the species; there are species that start flying in early spring as well as species flying through the entire summer.

Different bark beetle species even differ in time of the day when they fly: some only fly during daylight from morning till evening, others fly at dusk.


There is symbiosis of the beetle, sand, several fungi, and yeasts. Often they are vectors of their own fungi. Female bark beetle shave special cavity on their chest for transportation of blue stain fungus spores.

Bark beetles, by the way, facilitate processing poorly decomposable cellulose (xylem) and turn out to be good for nutrient for the environment. But some species (e.g., typographer beetle) can cause outbreaks and result in mass damage of forests. Many beetles are bad for agriculture.

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  Bark beetle in houses, log structures, and on the roof- roof beams, rafters – is a huge problem for owners.

Owners of wooden houses often need answers to such questions as how do I fight, how do I get rid of bark beetles? The fight bark beetles can be hindered by the ineffectiveness of chemicals due to the fact that beetles live within the wood. Control – appropriate forestry practices should be used such as trap logs, pheromone traps and quarantine.
Only Microwave methods can guaranty 100% elimination of insects. Microwave equipment effectively eliminates bark beetles, grubs, eggs and mould. Re vectors of wood fungi and can be technical timber pests at timber warehouses, pests of green construction, log structures, and even some forage plants (clover).