FAQ. Questions concerning microwave powder post beetles treatment

FAQ Microwave Treatment of Powder post Beetle

1. What can guarantee complete extermination of the woodworm?

- Nowadays this method of wood borers extermination is one hundred per cent reliable and environmentally friendly. The principle of microwave processing leaves no chance to woodworms propagation. To make sure that this method works, place any insect into your microwave oven and turn it on.

powderpost beetle treatment

2. Is it safe to use this equipment?

- The equipment is safe if the basic safety rules are followed. Microwave field dissipates completely at a distance of 5 meters. Remote control has a 15 meter cable. This is more than enough to keep a safe distance and allows the technician to go out of the room.

 3. Is it possible to process wood covered with a layer of varnish, paint, drywall, plastic panels, ceramic tiles?

- Yes, these materials are microwave transparent.

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4. If there are nails or wiring at site of treatment, does it make the processing impossible?

-  Small metal objects do not affect the treatment process. The electrical wiring must be disconnected.

5. Can beetles and larvae be exterminated with the help of this equipment?

-Yes, they can. And you can also get rid of pupae, eggs and mold.


6. Can a beetle just move to another place?

- No, that's impossible. There is solid timber on its way, and tunnels made by beetles are clogged up with excretion and wood flour. Besides, larvae are unable to move.


7. How to detect an infested place?

-Wood borers can be heard in quiet calm weather in the morning and in the evening, they are mostly nocturnal insects. For convenience, you can use an ordinary medical stethoscope. You can also locate infected places by holes in the wood and wood flour on its the surface.

8. Do I have to process the whole house?

- Processing the infested area is enough, the same as vacuuming a house.

9. Effectiveness of toxic chemicals?

-Chemicals can impregnate wood not more than for 1-2 mm, which is not enough to exterminate the pests.

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